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Beekeeper with Bees

Training - Beginners

Beekeeper with Bees

Beekeeping for Beginners course

Enter the world of the honey bee and join our ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ course.


Our next course starts March 2025 in Brockenhurst Village Hall.


The course includes:


  • 7 inter-active classroom sessions on Wednesday evenings

  • practical training sessions in our club apiary throughout the summer

  • year-round support from your bee buddy


This course is ideal if you would like to start beekeeping or have been keeping bees for less than a year. Also great as a gift for a family member or friend - we can supply gift vouchers on request.

Course Options

We offer full and associate membership options for those taking the beginner’s course. The table shows the cost and what’s included in each option.

The classroom sessions will take place in March & April 2025 followed by apiary sessions May to September 2025.

You can join as a member now and reserve your place for 2025 by completing the application form below.

Book now.

Beginners training options table 29.02.2024.001.jpeg

Course Topics

Beginners course topics 5_edited.jpg

Classroom Sessions

Each evening class will cover a different aspect of beekeeping from bee biology, pests and diseases, through to making frames, choosing the right hive and the best spot for your own apiary. The table shows provides more information.

Apiary Sessions

Practical apiary training will be on warm and dry days throughout the active beekeeping season at our club apiary in the New Forest. A honey extraction session is planned for early autumn but will be dependent on how productive the season has been.

Training beginners apiary sessions_edited.jpg

Bee Buddy

Each new beekeeper will also be offered a bee buddy or mentor who will help you out as you start your journey into the world of beekeeping.

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Course Book

Recommended course book 


Anyone attending the course we recommend you get this book. It covers all the basics of beekeeping.



Our next beginners course starts in 2025. Join as a member now and reserve you place for 2025 by completing the application form. Any questions, please contact

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