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Welcome to South West Hampshire Beekeepers ( SWHBK for short).

As you are reading this I assume you must be a beekeeper or someone thinking about becoming a beekeeper, either way you are very welcome in our club.

We are a young beekeeping club, but can still offer all the facilities an experienced or new beekeeper may need. Perhaps our greatest asset is that we are a young club and are all enthusiastic and keen to help others.

We have monthly members meetings where you can get to know, chat with and learn from other beekeepers. Exchanging and sharing experience is a great way to learn about beekeeping because the bees seem to do things differently every time. We arrange for visiting speakers to give talks on a variety of topics that will be of interest to both novice and experienced beekeepers. Check out our Events page for details of planned sessions.

We offer two training courses, one for the novice, the other for the beekeeper with some experience who may want to improve their skill or perhaps wishes to work towards a qualification.

The beginners course will take you from knowing nothing or very little about bees to feeling confident enough to look after your first colony. Additionally, we offer more support with hands-on apiary training.

You will also have support after your course as experienced beekeepers are on the end of the phone to offer you advice or could help out at your apiary if relevant. You can make use of your mentor or bee buddy, as you prefer. You will not be alone.

We hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.


Chair – South West Hampshire Beekeepers