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All beekeepers enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with others and will happily natter about bees and beekeeping for hours, whether it’s exchanging tales with fellow beekeepers over a cup of tea after a listening to a guest speaker at Brockenhurst Village Hall or chatting during a summer barbecue or after an apiary meeting. There’s always something new to try, something new to learn from others, because good beekeepers never stop learning about their craft.

Some of our activities at South West Hampshire Beekeepers are, though, much more formal.

We run a 7 week Beginners Course that is perfect for both non-beekeepers who are looking to become beekeepers or those who started with their first colony during the last twelve months. 

Our Improvers course, which is suitable for beekeepers who are in their second or later years of beekeeping, runs for four weeks.

Our summer apiary meetings are a fairly informal, but very informative, look at some bees and almost always followed by soft drinks and a natter about bees and beekeeping plus some cake.

Within the wider local community we offer talks and presentations about bees, beekeeping, and even bee-friendly plants that are suitable for almost any age and interest level.

Check out the site’s dropdowns for more information. and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to know more.