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The Asian Hornet is coming!

South West Hampshire Beekeepers now have an Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) and co-ordinator. Part of the role is to get the word out about the Asian Hornet and also ask to people look out for this nasty beastie.

We are sure you are busy working on your apiaries following the COVID19 guidelines. If you have time when you are out and about on your once a day exercise, or in your garden or working at your apiary(ies) could you look out for the Asian Hornet.

Please can you download the Asian Hornet Watch app free of charge from the Apple and Android app stores. The app provides an identification guide to help check which species you have seen and an opportunity to take a picture, record and report your sightings.

If you would like to get involved then email us at or call our Asian Hornet hotline on 07849 102621.

Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) co-ordinator


– STOP! Assess the situation. Stay 10 metres away and don’t touch, disturb or cause vibrations around a nest. Take a photograph if it is safe to do so. Report any possible hornet or nest sightings by using the Asian Hornet Watch App, emailing or calling our Asian Hornet hotline on 07849 102621.