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Sourcing local bees

A few years ago South West Hampshire beekeepers’ (SWHBK) committee developed a long term plan to help members source local bees from the New Forest and south coast. In the past SWHBK members have had to rely on the availability of swarms which can be very hit and miss. Or alternatively use sources mainly from outside of the area.

We are delighted that this spring the club apiary will be offering over-wintered nucs as well as our swarm service. There will be a charge for swarms and nucs (which includes frames and wax). The monies will be re-invested in the apiary to ensure SWHBK can continue offering locally sourced bees for their members.

Depending on the weather the nucs should be available late April/May and hopefully swarms as well.

All members who have expressed interest in a swarm when they renewed their membership will be contacted by our swarms co-ordinator.

If any member hasn’t registered yet or is interested in a nuc please read the newsletter sent on 15 March for further instructions.

Warning – if you want a swarm you will be given less than 24 hours notice that one is available. Do make sure that your equipment is in place and ready to go.

Please call the swarm line 07561 147193 if you have seen a swarm and need assistance.