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BIBBA Webinar Presentations

The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) is an association formed with the aim of conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of native or near-native honeybees of the British Isles.

As an organisation, BIBBA offers:

• Encouragement to form breeding groups to improve and propagate native and near native queens.

• Help for beekeepers to improve their bees so they suit their environment, are productive, healthy and gentle to handle.

• Encouragement to raise queens from local stock.

• Provision of relevant information and methods.

• Demonstrations and workshops on practical subjects, such as colony assessment and queen rearing.

• Publications and guidance on all aspects of bee improvement and queen rearing.

• Support projects in areas with a high level of native bees.

• Courses on bee improvement and raising queens, using both natural methods the bees present us with that will suit the ordinary beekeeper, and more advanced methods for those who need more queens.

BIBBA have recently started on-line video presentations (webinars) about selected topics. It is usually Roger Patterson (who now runs the Dave Cushman web site) who does the talk.

Clicking on the link below will enable you to both watch the webinars already presented and recorded, plus learn about those planned in the future so you can return at a later date. Each one is about an hour long and they are all really worth watching. All are free to view.

There are two categories with the Early Years assuming that attendees have their own bees and can manage them reasonably efficiently, whilst Intermediate / Advanced is aimed at attendees who have successfully overwintered bees at least twice.

There may be a little overlapping of topics, but no repetition of content, so beekeepers can attend both levels if they wish, as there is always something to learn.

BIBBA Webinars