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2023 Training Courses – Catch Our EARLY BIRD Offer And Secure Your Place On Next March’s Course

Join our band of merry beekeepers –make sure you book your place on one of our 2023 training courses.

Our Beginners Course is perfect for both non-beekeepers who are looking to become beekeepers or those who started with their first colony during the last twelve months.

It runs for seven weeks from mid-March each year. This is followed by visits to the club apiary where you will get hands-on with the bees.

Each evening class will cover a different aspect of beekeeping from bee biology, pests and diseases, through to making frames, choosing the right hive and the best spot for your own apiary.

Practical apiary training will be on warm and dry days throughout the active beekeeping season at our club apiary and each new beekeeper will also be offered a bee buddy or mentor who will help you out as you start your journey into the world of beekeeping.

The early bird catches the bee….

SPACES ARE LIMITED SO DON’T MISS OUT! Why not take advantage of our Early Bird offer – a £30 (non-refundable) deposit guarantees your place on next year’s course plus gives you associate membership of SWHB for 2022, meaning you can attend all club meetings and activities throughout the remainder of 2022. A sure fired way of ‘hitting the ground running’ when the course starts!

Interested? Contact for fuller details or complete the following form to reserve your place: 

Our Improvers course is for beekeepers in their second or later years of beekeeping who would like to refresh their beekeeping skills and knowledge. The course runs for four evenings and is also supported by time in the apiary.

This course is also suitable for any beekeepers aiming to take the BBKA Basic Assessment.

Full details can be obtained by contacting