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Tuesday 4th May – 7.30pm. BIBBA Webinar – “The teaching apiary – a brilliant resource” Roger Patterson

A well organised teaching apiary is probably the greatest teaching resource an association can have. It can be used to invite non-beekeepers as a sort of open event, so they can see what is involved in the craft. For beekeepers, it can be used for teaching all levels, right from new beekeepers to the most experienced, with all the usual techniques demonstrated. If the apiary is stocked with good local bees it will show members how good bees can be, perhaps with a queen rearing element. This presentation is based on one successful teaching apiary and information gleaned from many others. It is a “must see” for all!

Access through BIBBA / Zoom link –

Wednesday 5th May – 7.00pm. SWHB Members meeting – “Varroa – have we become too complacent?” – Jim Vivian-Griffiths

Access through SWHB/ Zoom link sent out with the April SWHB Newsletter

Wednesday 26th May – 6.00 and 7.30pm Additional BIBBA Webinars

We’re delighted to finally be experiencing the kind of weather for the beekeeping season to really begin in earnest. And of course, with this seasonal warming comes the opportunity to improve your stock through various methods of queen rearing. We’ve had a number of questions coming our way, and so we’re using the opportunity to open the floor up to all members and supporters of NatBIP – and any other beekeepers that might find this learning format useful.

BIBBA will be hosting TWO ADDITIONAL webinars on the evening of Wednesday May 26th . You are encouraged to attend BOTH webinars as there may be information appropriate to all beekeepers.

YOU ARE ASKED TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE to (although it will be possible to submit questions during the webinar, but we cannot guarantee an answer in the latter instance).

6.00pm – NatBIP Webinar 1 –  BEE IMPROVEMENT Q&A

For those with 5 colonies or less and/or may be new to beekeeping. Queen Rearing is likely to use natural cells.
Panel: Roger Patterson & Jo Widdicombe 

7.30pm – NatBIP Webinar 2 – QUEEN REARING Q&A

For those with 5 colonies or more, and may wish to use artificial QR methods.
Panel: Roger Patterson & Jo Widdicombe

ZOOM link for both webinars