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Saturday 27th March. 4.00pm. BIBBA Webinar – “Some simple things you may not have been told” – Roger Patterson.

Some modern teaching is done by rather inexperienced people, who teach “mainstream thinking” from books or training material, rather than from their own experience. That may leave a lot of gaps that the new beekeeper has to fill themselves. This presentation discusses some of these that will help the beekeeper in their early years.

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Saturday 27th March. 7.30pm. BIBBA Webinar – “Observation. Interprit what you see.” – Roger Patterson

Lateral thinking and observation are two of the most valuable assets a beekeeper can possess. There are many things an observant beekeeper will spot during a colony inspection that others will miss. This ability does come with experience, but the key is to know what is normal, so you can spot something different. A colony of bees is telling you something all the time. The best teachers of beekeeping have 6 legs and 4 wings, not two legs and no wings. Good beekeepers are able to interpret what the bees are telling them and what may happen in 2, 5 or 10 days time.

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Tuesday 30th March. 5.30pm. BIBBA Webinar – “The Hive as a processing centre.” – Pete Sutcliffe.

“A hive of activity” as the saying goes! To ensure the colony survives in a healthy state, honey bees collect everything they need from the surrounding area in the form of relatively simple, readily available, natural products. They then process these in sophisticated ways into such diverse items as building materials, miracle foods, antiseptic paints, and store them where necessary for future use. The abilities required for these processes have evolved over millennia to a level of amazing sophistication, but how do they do it? This lecture will describe those processes in a way that helps beekeepers understand the requirements of their colonies better.

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Tuesday 30th March. 7.30pm. BIBBA Webinar – “Raising Queens and the use of mini-nucs.” – Jonathan Getty

Many beekeepers have failures when using mini nucs, even though they have rigidly followed the advice that is freely given, often by those who have little experience of using them. There are successful users of mininucs, mainly because they have discovered the usual advice given is flawed. Jonathan Getty uses around 200 Apideas to raise 4-500 queens each year, so he is well qualified to tell us how we can use them successfully by following his methods.

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