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May 2021

The yellow-legged (Asian) hornet is well and truly active in Jersey.  The season has started late this year but with a vengeance. They have found 47 single queens compared to 33 by 16 May last year. However, they have only found 4 nests compared to 7 this time last year. Whilst it is difficult to draw firm conclusions the season is very late this year with cool weather. They have also had plenty of north-easterly winds potentially blowing in hornets from mainland France.

Worryingly a dying queen was found in Dublin, they believe arriving in a fruit container shipped from Cherbourg in France. Given the amount of shipping coming into Portsmouth, Southampton and Poole we need to be extra vigilant. Please check any sheltered and dry areas such as sheds, wood stores etc for the golf ball sized nest.

photo courtesy of Jersey Asian hornets group

April 2021

Jersey has reported that they have only found two yellow-legged (Asian) hornet queens so far this year. In 2019 and 2020 by 12 April they had already found eight individual queens and two primary nests.

Have they conquered the Asian hornet invasion or has lockdown had an impact? No neither,  the temperatures are much lower than previous years so they are late coming out of hibernation.

So, start looking when the weather warms up from later this week onwards. Here are pictures of two primary nests found inside lean-to-structures in Jersey. They are only the size of a golf ball!