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BBKA insurance cover extends to individual beekeepers who are either registered, partner, or junior members of any local beekeeping association that is, in turn, a member of BBKA, or individuals who have joined BBKA as such members.

The Public Liability Policy relates to beekeeping activities of all members in UK and has a £10,000,000 limit of liability. An overall limit of £25,000,000 applies to all claims under this policy in a policy year.

Members can obtain a “Members Liability Verification Certificate” if proof of cover is required, such as when attending Farmers Markets, local Open Days etc. Officers of branches and associations undertaking activities in connection with their group are also covered.

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BBKA offers an additional policy for all risks insurance, primarily for branch and association apiaries and other beekeeping equipment including trophies and display equipment.

Further information about this policy can be obtained from Buckland Harvester (

BDI provides insurance for the replacement of beekeeping equipment should it have to be destroyed due to notifiable disease, such as European or American Foul Brood.

BDI insurance becomes effective each year from the time that the member’s association receives his or her membership subscription and any additional BDI premium is received provided those payments are received by the association treasurer before 31st March.

Premiums are paid in respect of the calendar year, 1st January to 31st December, irrespective of the date on which they are actually paid. However, cover will not commence until 40 days have elapsed from the payment of the premium, where such payment is made after 31st March. This is known as the 40-day rule.

A member’s first 3 colonies are covered by the basic premium. Above that number an additional premium would be payable up to a maximum of 40 colonies. Details of these premiums are contained within the SWHB membership form.

Further information on this policy is available on the BDI website Bee Diseases Insurance