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Jobs for October

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Jobs to carry out this month:

  • Continue feeding, move from inverted syrup such as Ambrosia to fondant towards the end of the month when the ivy finishes. Use fondant if the weather is cold.

  • Combine colonies if there appear to be any weak or small ones – size matters when survival through the winter months is needed.

  • Make sure you have removed queen excluder before the end of the month.

  • Protect the hive. Fit mouse guards or reduce entrance blocks with a smaller opening – no more than 8mm.

  • Fit wire netting around the hive to deter woodpeckers.

  • Ensure that woodwork is sound and that hives are clear of the ground to avoid dampness; clear away encroaching vegetation. Check entrances are kept clear.

  • Strap the hives down and make sure straps attached to stand.

  • Store extracted comb securely, treating against wax moth. Look at putting it in the freezer for a while. Check this month’s wax moth tip.

  • Maintain vigilance for Asian hornets, particularly new queens, and scan trees and bushes for signs of nests.

  • Update records and BeeBase especially if hives have been combined or split.


Frequency of apiary visits – move towards monthly

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