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Jobs for November

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Jobs to carry out this month:

  • Heft your hives and check food supplies and feed fondant if required. Check out December’s hefting tip.

  • Check your hives are secure and not damaged after strong winds and adverse weather. Look for evidence of water ingress through roofs and corners.

  • Consider insulation on hives in exposed positions and insulate all deep roofs. Look at this month’s insulation tips.

  • Check that hive entrances are clear of leaves, dead bees or other such debris. Cut back grass and foliage under and around your hives to reduce dampness.

  • Continue to monitor varroa drop and plan further treatment if needed and keep Varroa floor inserts clear of debris that may allow wax moth to breed.

  • Complete cleaning, repairing, sterilising and storing your equipment keeping stored comb protected against damp, mice and wax moth.

  • Complete your colony records and your varroa treatment record card if applicable and evaluate your beekeeping season and make plans for the new one.

  • Melt down and clean all those bits of wax and make candles, hand cream, soap.


Frequency of visits – monthly

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