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Jobs for December

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Jobs to carry out this month:

  • Continue to visually check hives and pay attention to hive insulation and ventilation. Check mouse guards are still in place and entrances are not blocked by snow, debris or dead bees.

  • Heft the hives to estimate stores and feed fondant if required. See this month’s tip on hefting.

  • Continue to monitor varroa drop. Treat with oxalic acid  or VarroMed in a cold snap, ideally between Christmas and new year when the colony is more likely to be broodless (if this is part of your Pest Management plan).

  • Maintain vigilance for the presence of Asian hornet queens hibernating or old nests.

  • Continue cleaning and repairing last season’s equipment – soda crystals and a blowtorch are your best friends here.

  • Order / make up all the flat packs you bought in the sales. Make up plenty of frames but don’t wax them until you need them.

  • Read and learn, watch some of the excellent talks available online or join in some webinars, maybe sign up for a course. Ask for a good book for Christmas.

  • Plan for next year.  Check out the BBKA year planner 


Frequency of apiary visits – monthly

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