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Jobs for April

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Jobs to do this month:

  • Continue to check stores by hefting, checking floor inserts or a quick look in if the weather is good enough.

  • If you have not already done so, carry out your first detailed bee health inspection if you have not already done so. Check out March’s bee health tip.

  • Read up on your chosen method of swarm control and assemble / pull together any equipment you may possibly need. 

  • Assemble the equipment you will need for swarm collection and read up on how to do it. Check out this month’s swarm collecting tip. 

  • Let your club members know you are looking for a swarm / split etc. Locally sourced bees are always best as they will be adapted to the local environment.

  • Continue to monitor your Asian hornet traps and release bycatch daily.

  • Keep on reading and asking questions but most of all, watch your bees and learn.


Frequency of apiary visits – weekly

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