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Jobs for September

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Jobs to carry out this month:

  • Estimate winter food stores by weighing /hefting hives and/or inspecting each frame.

  • Top up the stores to at least 20kg by feeding heavy syrup (2:1 mix sugar to water).

  • Continue to be alert to wasp activity in and around your hives and robbing by other colonies. Keep entrances reduced in size and maintain/monitor traps 

  • Monitor for varroa and treat as appropriate. Monitor again after treatment to ensure it has been successful.

  • Unite small colonies or ensure that the hive or nuc is well-insulated. Check this month’s merging colonies tip.

  • If leaving a super on, remove the queen excluder towards the end of the month.

  • Look back at your beekeeping season and take stock: what could you have done differently? better?

  • Remain alert for the presence of Asian hornets, either hawking around your hives or feeding on ivy or fallen fruit. Use sweet baits in any traps and monitor daily.

  • Use the Asian Hornet Watch and inform the club’s AHAT of any sightings.


Frequency of apiary visits – weekly

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