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Beekeeping Refresher Course 2020

Our refresher theory course is for beekeepers in their second or later years of beekeeping who would like to refresh their beekeeping skills and knowledge. The course runs for four evenings in February / March 2020 and will also be supported by time in our apiary. The course is also suitable for beekeepers aiming

Asian Hornet traps to be used in Jersey next spring (2019)

Special traps designed to capture Asian Hornet queens as they emerge from hibernation to set up new colonies are to be deployed in the island next spring. Beekeeper and JEP nature correspondent Bob Tompkins, who has been at the forefront of this year’s containment efforts, says the Island is turning to

Motorway map for bees & other pollinators in NI published

The first motorway map for bees and other pollinators in Northern Ireland has been published. The B-Lines project is designed to give struggling pollinators a boost. It sets out about 15 routes, each 3km (1.86 miles) wide, where conservationists and councils are being encouraged to concentrate their work. The marsh fritillary butterfly is