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What actions can we take during the COVID19 restrictions?

• Download the Asian Hornet Watch app on your phone and familiarise with the identification guide on the app.

• You can look for Asian hornets when working in your garden, or out on your daily exercise or working at your apiary.

• You can set up an Asian hornet bait/lure in a sunny spot in your garden (but not near any of your hives) and check it daily.

Who is in the South West Hampshire beekeepers AHAT?

The committee is moving this forward at present, however if you would like to get involved then please contact

If I spot an Asian hornet what should I do?

Take a photograph, log the location, time, date and write a description of the siting. Enter these details on the Asian Hornet Watch app and send it off.

Nationally, report any possible Asian Hornet or Asian Hornet nest sightings by using the Asian Hornet Watch App, which you can download from your App store.

We cover SW Hampshire ONLY – this includes the South Coast from Bournemouth to Southampton and the New Forest. If you live in this area, then please email; or call us on 07561 147193. Do not call or email if you live outside of SW Hampshire.

If the hornet is in your trap then do not attempt to remove, place the whole trap in the freezer. After 24 hours, you can remove the hornet from the trap, bag it and keep in freezer until you get further instructions from the National Bee Unit or another government office

If the hornet is on your lure bait, then observe the direction it flies off in, and how long it takes to come back and please record this. If it is safe you can trap it in a glass jar or in a butterfly net and then freeze it.

As our hospitals and medical profession are very busy at the moment we don’t want anyone to get injured.

Please note it is illegal to release an Asian hornet back into the wild.

How do I know anyone is going to respond to my reporting an Asian hornet whilst we have these restrictions?

The Asian Hornet Watch app team are working from home and continue their work as normal and contact the National Bee Unit.

The National Bee Unit is still operational and the seasonal bee inspectors are undertaking inspections for all diseases/infestations as well as the Asian hornet, they will not be entering people’s homes.

Once an Asian hornet sighting has been confirmed the seasonal bee inspector will make a visit, engage with the local AHAT team and set up traps, depending on the type of sighting. The AHAT team will be asked to monitor the traps daily.

What about insurance cover?

The BBKA are working on this, their current plan is for Asian hornet cover to be added to the swarm collectors insurance, up to 15 members from each association can be covered. Each person will first need to undertake an online test. We have no further information at this time.

How do I keep up to speed with any developments on the Asian Hornet?

We will regularly update our website and keep members informed. You can also find out news on Beebase, search Asian hornet and the BBKA site.

We will also can make contributions to the website . This website has been set up by the Southwest forum covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset and is run through AHAT Devon.