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Beekeeping Refresher Course 2020

Our refresher theory course is for beekeepers in their second or later years of beekeeping who would like to refresh their beekeeping skills and knowledge. The course runs for four evenings in February / March 2020 and will also be supported by time in our apiary. The course is also suitable for beekeepers aiming

Training courses – Hurry! Get in early for 2020!

Hugely popular, our Beginners Course is perfect for both non-beekeepers who are looking to become beekeepers and those who started with their first colony during the last twelve months without having completed a course. It runs for seven weeks, with each evening class covering a different aspect of beekeeping from

How Honeybees Get Their Jobs – Explained

An  extremely interesting feature from the people at National Geographic explains how, with brains the size of sesame seeds, honeybees have to work together in different capacitoes to maintain a healthy hive Follow this link:

‘Lost’ Giant bee spotted…..

The world's biggest bee has been re-discovered, after decades thought lost to science. The giant bee - which is as long as an adult's thumb - was found on a little-explored Indonesian island. After days of searching, wildlife experts found a single live female, which they photographed and filmed. Known as Wallace's giant