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Beekeeping Beginners Course 2019

Our Beginners Course is perfect for both non-beekeepers who are looking to become beekeepers and those who started with their first colony during the last twelve months without having completed a course. It runs for seven weeks from Thursday 21st March to Thursday 2nd May 2019, starting at 7:30pm. Each evening

BIBBA – Sustainable Bees and Queens

There is growing concern amongst beekeepers of all abilities and experience about the ever-increasing importation of bees and queens. This is on several grounds, including the possibilities of introducing pests, diseases and pathogens, aggression in subsequent generations and the unsuitability to our fickle climate. Defra has recently conducted a Queen Replacement

Planting more hedgerows and trees key to helping bees thrive

Planting more hedgerows and trees could hold the key to helping UK bees thrive once again, a new study argues Planting more hedgerows and trees could hold the key to helping UK bees thrive once again, a new study argues. And researchers suggest artificial intelligence could be used as a tool to

Asian Hornet traps to be used in Jersey next spring (2019)

Special traps designed to capture Asian Hornet queens as they emerge from hibernation to set up new colonies are to be deployed in the island next spring. Beekeeper and JEP nature correspondent Bob Tompkins, who has been at the forefront of this year’s containment efforts, says the Island is turning to

Motorway map for bees & other pollinators in NI published

The first motorway map for bees and other pollinators in Northern Ireland has been published. The B-Lines project is designed to give struggling pollinators a boost. It sets out about 15 routes, each 3km (1.86 miles) wide, where conservationists and councils are being encouraged to concentrate their work. The marsh fritillary butterfly is

Ancient drink of Mead revived by new fan base of younger drinkers

English Heritage among outlets serving up honey fermented ‘nectar of the gods’ in wake of craft beer boom Mead, one of the world’s oldest alcoholic drinks, has been making a comeback on the back of the boom in craft beer. Sales of the honey-based drink have grown in supermarkets after winning a

Making Beeswax Flowers

This lovely little book, written by Elizabeth Duffin and illustrated by Mike Duffin (who is a senior Honey Show Judge), carefully explains in step by step detail how to make some of the beautiful, intricate, and lifelike beeswax flowers that led to her winning many first prizes at National, County,